Abstract Gold PR is an international arts and culture company that aims to promote your artistic visions.


Abstract Gold PR provides a bespoke service for international artists, with partnerships in Hong Kong, Rio de Janeiro and throughout the UK.

We specialise in the visual arts and support up-and-coming artists with our international partnerships ranging from arts organisations and galleries to individual fine art and contemporary artists.


We pride ourselves in our international connections, with whom we work closely, and also offer specialised support to the following regions: Hong Kong, Rio de Janeiro and the whole of the UK, in particular London.

We are dedicated to offering advice and consultancy to meet the needs of our clients. The specialist service we offer is of a high standard and covers marketing, promoting and website design for events, exhibitions and workshops.

Thanks to our partnerships we possess a wealth of global knowledge that complements our ethos for empowering the arts by introducing revolutionary, new state-of-the-art works.

We recognise each project's incredible potential, and thus treat it with the utmost importance, providing the client with unparalleled efficiency, attentiveness and encouragement, so that we can attain optimum success for each and every one of your masterpieces.